Pim & Robbin
creative duo

Creative duo from the Netherlands.
Working at Wunderman Thompson Antwerp.

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Rethinking the funding of art

Purchased pieces of art disappear in basements of so called Freeports. Reveal the hidden museum. Buy a piece of art.


Donate by
giving flowers

Buy a poster of a bouquet for the price of a real bouquet and donate to a scientific research program of your choice.

2017. Client: A healthcare institution in Amsterdam

Confusing geotag travellers

A constructed monument of nature that travels across countries, to create an online confusion about the geolocation of the landmark aiming to preserve the endangered place.


Disposing air polution
in cities

On the 8th and 9th of april 2016 we participated at the KNMI Climate Hackathon in Rotterdam. We were asked to come up with a solution for air pollution in the city.

2016. In collaboration with Tom & Sebastiaan, Jochem & Matthias and Lizanne.

Dear Databroker

Simulating online human behaviour in order to gain back control of your dataprofile.


Investing instead of

In July 2016 we participated at the NRC Charity Awards. We designed a 2/1 ad for which is placed in the NRC Handelsblad and NRC Next. At the same time we added stickers on real euro coins to spread the message.


Alternative route
to citizenship

Due to the Dublin Regulation, which is the main EU law determining Asylum procedure, the asylum claim of a refugee has to be examined by the EU country where the refugee first sets foot on EU soil.

2016. In collaboration with Tom van der Veldt.

Making biking easier
and more fun

In Holland we use our bike all the time. Especially for short distances. But storing the lock every time is very annoying. Therefor the Dutch biker deserves a lock that makes biking easier and more fun.


Tools to protect nature

Our planet is being depleted more rapidly than ever before. 'Tutorial videos by Jacob' are a series of videos addressing the problem in an another way.

2014. Robbin in collaboration with Bart Roggeveen.

Pim Smeets &
Robbin de Waij

Creative duo from the Netherlands.
If you are interested in working together,
feel free to contact us.

Email: pimrobbin@gmail.com
Pim Smeets: +31 6 25 27 94 43
Robbin de Waij: +31 6 24 56 22 12


Nomination - WDCD World Clean Energy challenge (SMART AIR)
Nomination - YoungBlood Gogbot festival (Robbin)
Shortlist Drempel prize - Willem de Kooning (Robbin)
Bronze - Dutch Young Creatives (Vodafone, Pim)
Design prize - Dutch Health Hackathon
Jury prize - NRC Charity Awards (Microkrediet voor moeders)
Innovation prize - KNMI / Rijkswaterstaat (SMART AIR)
Innovation prize - Climate Hackathon (SMART AIR)
Nomination - ADCN Talent Lamp (project EU citizenship)
Nomination - Golden saw Dutch Young Creatives (Pim)
Exhibition - The One Club Student Exhibition (SMART AIR)
Exhibition - Creating 010 (SMART AIR)
Exhibition - RIVM (SMART AIR)
Exhibition - Migration Matters at Museum Boijmans (project EU citizenship)
2nd prize - HEMA Design Contest (Pim)
Nomination - SAN Accent: Non Profit & Overheid (BNN)
Nomination - SAN Accent: Vrije tijd (BNN)
Nomination - Golden saw Dutch Young Creatives (Robbin)
Gold - Dutch Young Creatives (Telfort, Robbin)
Gold - Dutch Young Creatives (Extrema outdoor, Robbin)